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Government Secrecy: Classic & Contemporary Readings


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Government Secrecy: Classic and Contemporary Readings ispublished by  Greenwood Publishing/Libraries Unlimited.  Our text is significantly different than most critiques of secrecy over last 30+ years in that offers a variety of observations  excerpted from larger works on the subject of government secrecy (articles, books, hearings, speeches, letters, and conferences).

In Government Secrecy,  my co-editor Jan Goldman and I wanted to plant several ideas in the public mind :  1. there exists a profound, rich history of  U.S. government secrecy that illustrates the use of secrecy is not a recent phenomenon; 2. during speicific (almost cyclical)  times in U.S. history there have been repeated attempts and interventions by the Congress, federal agencies,  and public interest groups to address the tension between secrecy, national security,  and transparency; 3. to present diverse  theories of secrecy and secret keeping from philosophy, political science, and sociology;  and 4. call for a formalized, perhaps international,  field of inquiry, called secrecy studies. This field would be devoted to the interdiscplinary examination of secrecy.


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January 8, 2009 at 5:18 am