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Responsible History

Historian and founder of the Network of Concerned Historians, Dr. Antoon de Baets has a published a new book titled Responsible History. After his Censorship of Historical Thought: A World Guide, 1945–2000, which is a remarkable attempt at documenting global censorship and violations of freedom of expression, I can hardly wait to pick up his latest work.

Inour text Government Secrecy, we also plead for a “right to know”  as it pertains to history, memory institution practices, and knowledge of governmental policies and actions. By way of  Howard Zinn’s classic 1977 article on the relationship between secrecy, access to the archive, professional neutrality, and the public interest,  included in our text, it is suggested that government secrecy is potentially an abuse of history, self-determination, and right to truth.

I’ll be curious to see how Dr. de Baets lays this out the argument for a responsible history.


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January 27, 2009 at 1:20 am