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Leahy Calls for Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Today’s news brought a call from Sen. Patrick Leahy for a”fair-minded pursuit of what actually happened” during the latter years of the Bush Administration. In his speech at Georgetown,  Leahy not only addressed the “secret governing processes of the Bush administration,”  but also  “repairing a broken oversight process and instilling greater accountability, and about renewing the public’s confidence in our justice system.”

It’s not a mistake the senator from Vermont mentioned the Church Committee in his speech. Although Leahy intended his statement  “we are still digging out from the debris they left behind,” he could have been referring back to the  rugged time in U.S. history that has many parallels with the last eight years.

Secrecy diminishes both the personal and joint responsibility for decisions, encourages careless judgment, and create an environment of defense, deception, and intrigue. Secrecy also offers officials a shield from outside criticism and obscures the possibilities of failure regarding for example, a foreign policy, or action (Bok 1982:108-109).

Let’s hope a Truth and Reconciliation Commission can open the secret files not only for American citizens, but for U.K citizens.


Written by S.

February 10, 2009 at 8:11 am