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CRS, 1972: Analysis of Subcommittee Questionnaires

I ran across the Analysis of Subcommittee Questionnaires Concerning Document Classification and Classification Personnel Practices under E.O. 10501 (Congressional Research Service, August 17, 1972) a few days ago while cleaning my files.

Analysis could be considered perhaps a supplement, or one of the missing pieces to the Congressional Research Service’s (CRS) report Security Classified and Controlled Information: History, Status, and Emerging Management Issues(RL33494, March 8, 2007). Authored by the astute Harold C. Relyea, former Specialist in American National Government, Government and Finance Division, this report is significant for its discussion of the Foreign Operations and Government Information Subcommittee, chaired by William S. Moorhead, and the Subcommittee’s quest to discern control of information by federal agencies.

While the 2007  CRS report alludes to the August, 1972 report, it doesn’t quite supply a complete analysis of the Subcommittee’s questionnaires to agencies or agency response regarding the number of Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential classifiers (2007, p.CRS-6).  What I find noteworthy about the 1972 report is the Subcommittee’s question to twelve “executive department” agencies as to “how they handled violations of regulations concerning the protection of information classified under E.O. 10501.”

The 1972 CRS report was prepared by the CRS’s own Harold C. Relyea and Samuel J. Archibald (University of Missouri Freedom of Information Center) among other task force members.

Read Analysis.


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March 12, 2011 at 3:40 am