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Manning secrecy

Adam Klasfeld’s  (2012, Oct. 10) dramatic report on the Bradley Manning trial and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press amicus curiae brief  is well worth a read. Here’s a snippet:

A military appeals court blasted the government Wednesday for guarding records on the court-martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning more closely than it guards terror cases. Manning’s alleged disclosure of diplomatic and warfare secrets to WikiLeaks led to criminal charges that carry a potential life sentence for the young soldier. The Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces, or CAAF, looked Wednesday at whether the government has violated the First and Sixth Amendment safeguards for a free press and a public trial by choking off access to filings and transcripts related to Manning’s court-martial. A sea of blue-uniformed soldiers, and with a handful of journalists and Manning supporters in casual clothes, filled the pews of the majestic courtroom. Eventually, a panel of five judges stepped through regal red curtains to hear the pending case. Though they quickly showed frustratration at the policies preventing disclosure, they also appeared uncertain of their ability to force a change.

Read the entire story at Courthouse News Service.


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October 14, 2012 at 2:42 am