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George Seldes ~ Installment 3

Another set of records obtained under FOIA, this particular file  (33 pages) is comprised of State Department and FBI official files and letters from the public from the late 1950s into the 1960s.  The docs are a timeline in asserting Seldes’ affiliation with the U.S. Communist Party and eventually closing Bureau investigations.  Of note in the file are:

  • December 1, 1964 SAC Albany memo that states the postmaster of Windsor, Vermont (where Seldes lived with his wife) had no knowledge of Seldes’ involvement in Communist activities. What’s interesting about the memo is that it mentions that since December, 1949 investigation into Seldes’ Party leanings were in “closed status.”
  • December 23, 1964 SAC Albany memo essentially adding more info to the memo, above.
  • A doc labeled as page 2 that mentions Seldes in the FBI’s Bufiles (Bureau Files) and listed on the Security Index at the New Haven field office. Seldes was removed from the Index in May 1955.
  • A letter from a member of the public to Hoover asking of Seldes’ Communist leanings; also attached is Seldes’ response to the letter. Noted is Seldes’ listing in the Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications (12/1/1961) published by the Committee on UnAmerican Activities.
  • A series of memos that suggest Seldes’ subscribed to a publication titled Young Socialist.
  • December 3, 1958, a decision by Hoover to not communicate with Seldes after the latter sent an encouraging letter regarding his book Masters of Deceit.


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