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Remaining Seldes’ Docs

In the spirit of sharing, listed here are the remaining files regarding George Seldes that the FBI sent in response to my FOIA request. In general, the files document continuing surveillance of Seldes and his wife as suspected US Communist Party members, their travel itineraries, letters from the public requesting the FBI investigate Seldes based on stories from In Fact, (or asking for the FBI to release their files on Seldes), and various Senate and FBI records that discuss specific In Fact articles. There are also threatening letters that Seldes reported to the FBI.

From the 1940s:
1940s ~ 169 pages | More records from the 1940s ~ 180 pages | Also from the 1940s ~ 136 pages ( A letter from Seldes to the FBI regarding Nazi propaganda materials from “around Camp Evans” he was sent by In Fact readers and discussion of his antiwar activities).

More 1940s ~ 120 pages (Memos from various FBI field offices; Seldes’ Selective Service application, and “confidential postal censorship” records) |  Mid to late 1940s ~ 148 pages (Army Talk newsletter March 24, 1945 on the subject of German acts of genocide and fascism, May5, 1945 on prejudice) |  Late 1940s ~ 237 pages ( An investigation of Book of the Month Club and its relationship to In Fact)

From the 1950s:
1950sa ~ 55 pages (Continuing security investigations) | 1950sb ~ 115 pages (Confidential informants report that Seldes is a member of the Party)


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January 22, 2013 at 6:32 am